Right Here, Right Now on 4ZZZ

Right Here, Right Now is 4ZZZ’s flagship live music program for local artists. Showcasing live performances each week via Facebook live stream and broadcasting on 102.1 FM, Tuesday nights from 6PM.

The show is now in its second season, having first started in early 2018. Right Here, Right Now has slowly garnered the attention of local artists, where it is not only a unique live performance opportunity but now acknowledged as a critical step in the promotion of new music releases, tours and announcements. Along with broadcasting live to 102.1 FM, the unique simulcast format of the show provides 4ZZZ's audience with a visual of the artist along with the audio, and can engage with the station and others through the Facebook Live chat. Afterwards, the show’s host and 4ZZZ Music Coordinator Liz Ansley interviews the artist; and the audio & film team work together to create a mixed and edited video to follow on Youtube.

The Team

First spearheaded by former Music Coordinator, Nicholas J. Rodwell, Right Here, Right Now is run by a team of hard-working legends, who dedicate their time each week to provide a high quality platform for Brisbane artists to showcase their music.

• Executive Producer - Liz Ansley

• Digital Producers - Luci McAfee & Chris

• Audio Engineers - Brook Wakeham & Lachy Gleeson

• Tech Manager - Patrick King

Along with a team of passionate studio, live room and film assistants: Mickey, Chris, Lily, Morgan and Tom.

Right Here, Right Now also wouldn’t have been able to make the great strides it has since it’s beginnings without the support and hard work behind-the-scenes from Station Manager Grace Pashley.

This program is made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.


My Role

My main role in the production of the show is in the control room, operating the console and making sure that everything audio is running smoothly.

I work with the production team to make sure we are getting signal shortly after setup, run a sound-check with the artist to construct the live mix and setup custom headphone mixes for band members, and finally liaise with Liz in Studio 2 to give the artist the countdown before we go to air.

Myself and Brook rotate each week on mixing and mastering the live set down to a single stereo file, and deliver to the film team for the final video edit.

Below are some of my favourite mixes I’ve done for the show, along with a Youtube playlist of our video edits.